Fire Pro Wrestling D

Fire Pro Wrestling D – Approximately 85-90% Complete

A video of progress as of 9-15-2012

Main Menu

  • All aspects of the Main menu are 100% completely translated. UPDATE as of 9-17-12


  • Mode select screen are 100% completely translated.

  • Pre-match set up screen is 100% translated.

  • Wrestler select attributes are translated 100%.


At this point I would like to say the translation is at a 85-90% (9-19-2012). With a majority of the game’s text translated all that remains is 2 parts of the edit mode. 1 part that is in progress being the AI Settings for created characters which will be completed shortly. The other being the fighters moves list. This one is a tricky one as I cannot, at the moment, locate where the moves names are stored.

Wrestlers names will remain in Japanese and will be editable in the “Edit Mode”. Optional you can download a game save with all the wrestlers and groups (organizations) renamed.


EDIT: 9-22-2012

The edit mode is now complete, except for fighter moves as stated before. You are able to navigate through every screen with no problem. It is unfortunate but there are 2 areas in which I cannot find the text for. These 2 areas are the fighters moves and a particular set of text in the post-match screen. I will continue to look for them but I see the main aspect of this project complete, until i find thosee texts lol.


13 comments on “Fire Pro Wrestling D

  1. Amazing! Love this game, you have made a huge difference to many fire pro fans. huge thanks – from an Australian Fire Pro fan

  2. Oh my God. I remember playing this on my DC years ago. I played for many, many hours, but I always needed a multi-page translation guide at my side to be able to navigate the menus. I can’t wait until you release this translation!

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